Daniel Philipp Stotz

Andrea Komárková


historic pictures

Andrea Komárková is very extraordinary talent in sketching, painting, illustrating, restoring pictures. At the moment she is completing her studies for restoring historic paintings - a very difficult work that needs a lot of patience! But she also paints very impressive pictures in her own style! See her paintings in upcoming exibitions (the last was in Litomyšl/Czech Republic). The last exhibition was in Nová Paka 4.11.2017. Ask for exhibition in your town - but please be patient because she is very busy at the moment.

Hanytetu Tate

paintings of American


Hanytetu Tate (alias Matiaš Beránek) is a special talent in paintings American Indians. When he visited them he was feeling of „coming home“. His expressive portraits are with high emotions and like real! As he never had any painting school or teacher it is completely amazing how he did so many fantastic portraits! Ask for exhibition in your town.

Drahuš Stotzová

Pictures as meditations

Drahuš Stotzová is a very unique talent that painted some very special spiritual pictures. She didn´t had the possibiliy to study art but had to work hard even as smal child. But she never lost her optimism and loving kindness. This is what all her pictures expresses.
Daniel Philipp Stotz playing at the Vernissage
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