Daniel Philipp Stotz

Modular - the Art of the Synthesizer

It was a complete new art of sounds that Wendy Carlos and Isao Tomita produced from 1968. When I first heard it I knew that I should search for this sounds. But it took me almost 30 more years that I finally got to this point. Why Bach Modular? The reason lies in the music of Bach* itself (*this concerns also the music of Handel and more Baroque composers). The character of the pieces are very different and almost each of his pieces would need another instrument. So in the Well Tempered Clavier: You have static pieces, that would need some organ-like sound, then some are in the Concerto-Grosso Style, then other would need some bell sound, orchestra sound, fanfare sound but almost NEVER a piano sound… For me the music of Bachs does not sound very good on any piano - except his Toccatas and a few other pieces. That was the reason for experimenting with different instruments. But only on analog Modular Synthesizer I got the full control of the sound and attack etc. Of course I also combine sometimes the sound with some other synths like the Korg Triton or Roland JunoGi, Korg DW 8000 and Roland D110. But I never used software synths till NOW:  Memorymoon ME80: This is an emulation of the great Yamaha CS 80 synth. This is for me one of the frist programs that does not sound like a software! I tried also the Arturias version of the CS80 but the Memorymoon MW80 is classes better. Not only the sound quality - the handling is much better and it is also much cheaper! More informations and demo versions at http://www.memorymoon.com/me80.htm 2018 happened the miracle: Deckard´s Dream is a fantastic rebuild of the CS-80 with complete discrete analog oscillators and filters, for about 4000 EUR! Sounds fantastic! Now also available at Thomann.de!  

Now 15 modular titles available

Bach, Handel, Reger, Schumann, Schubert, Scralatti, Debussy, Ravel, Scriabin - MODULAR available - see Music/Flash page

The Modular System DPS

It is a YuSynth analog Modular synthesizer built by the genius of Pavel Vančura, Prague (synthservis.cz) + extra modules (the black ones) from Synthesizers.com. The building took more than 4 years. The system has now 5-6 VCO, 5 VCF, 4 VCA, 3-4 LFO, 2 S/H, 2 Noise, 6 ADSR, Ringmodulator, Fixed filter bank, Clipper/Rectifier, Distributor, 2 * 4-channel mixers, Switch, Slew Limiter, 6 * 4 Multiples, MIDI/CV interface.
The system 22 with keyboard

How to start your own Modular

If you don´t want to build your own synth or you have not enough time I recommend the modules of Synthesizers.com. Great sound and quality and reasonable prices and all hand made! Maybe it is better not to start with a too big system. So you may learn every module one by one. A very good system to start is the system 22 with 3 Osc, VFC, VCA, 2 ADSR, Ringmodular etc. - similar to the good old ARP 2600.
YuSynth modules build by Pavel Vančura
Modular seminars and courses On request I will organize some Modular courses for interested people. Please contact me. I will explain the patchings, use the Modular in a musical sense etc.
The recording of the Modular stuff is very time consuming because the Modular is just one voice and everything has to be recorded in playback and even each voice several times with other sounds. Only the WTC and the Art ot The Fugue of Bach took me more than 2 full years full time till 12 hours a day! And at the end with a lot of pieces I was not satisfied so I had to record it again - with some pieces I have till 5 different versions (f.e. Bach Partita 1 the Gigue, many Bach preludes and fugues in WTC 1/2).
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Deckard´s Dream: an 8 voice analog

polyphonic synthesizer with 16 VCO

strongly inspired from Yamahas CS 80

with 256 presets and made in Japan!!!