Daniel Philipp Stotz

Honor to Professor Rudolf Kehrer

Professor Rudolf Kehrer was one of the most fantastic virtous piano artist of the 20th century AND at the same time a abtolutely fantastic music teacher. He could explain every note so musically and show it on the piano that you had the feeling that Beethoven himself would sit on the piano! He had a very hard life - he was 12 years interned in home prison with no piano but still after that he won the all union competition in Moscow! He was only interested in the goal - the music itself. The technic was always in the service of the music. He strictly wanted that the student reach that goal regardless all technical problems of the student. He always knew also the way how to practise and showed all the methods. In 2013 he left us at the age of 90 - but his art will continue with his countless students and recordings. Professor Kehrer, thank you so much!!! I composed a marche funebre that is dedicated to him. Available at Supernoty.cz. See video with Professor Rudolf Kehrer on YouTube!
He had also sense of humour: „Look there is Beethoven!“
Also I want remeber to a another great human: President Václav Havel - the father of the new Czech Republic. With his wisdom and compasion he managed the transition from a totalitarian comunistic regime to democratic state without violence. This was very difficult and dangerous in many ways. He was one of the very rare politicians who was only interested in the welfare of the people and country but never thought about his own fame. I composed a marche funebre for him - available at Supernoty.cz Listen to Aki Kawazoe playing „To Václav Havel“ life in Prague The current president Miloš Zeman is a shame to the Czech Republic - now sign petition to resignation of Zeman and support ethics in politics again!!!
At his master course 1987 in Cyprus I met Prof. Kehrer for the first time. On the photo I am the second from the left. The 8th person from the left is the great artist Prof. Markus Schirmer from Graz/Austria. He studied many years with him and now teaches in his style.
Mahatma Gandhi: Politics and high ethics - that is what is missing today so much worldwide! His longlife effort for the independence and democracy in India - with Ahimsa (nonviolence, non corperation with the agressors) and Swadeshi (home economy) - is still very relevant. Ahimsa may also be a solution at your workplace: if you have a tyranny with the chiefs and managers: Workers should stand togehter, noncorporate etc. as Gandhi had shown. Please get inspired by reading his lifestory!
Pavel Tigrid was also one of the great humans who had the courage to tell the truth. He had also a hard life - he was almost 50 years in exile. First he had to flee from the Nazis, when they occupied the Czechoslovakia (1939 Protektorat Böhmen/Mähren) and then when the communists 1948 take over the power he fled again first to West Germany, then to USA, later to France where he wrote articles and spoke in the Radio Free Europe against the allness and anti- democratic regimes. He had to wait till 1989 when the velvet revolution restored the Czech democratic state. President Vaclav Havel invited him then and asked him to be one of his consultants. Afterwards he was also some times minister of culture.
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Milada Horáková fighting for freedom and rights till the end. (1901 – 50) was a Czech politician. She was a victim of judicial murder committed by the communist party on fabricated charges of conspiracy and treason. The verdict of her trial was annulled in 1968, and she was fully rehabilitated in the 1990s and posthumously received the Order of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk.